Party Hors D'oeuvres

Click on the title for more information. Below is just a sample of the delectable delights that our chefs are prepared to serve.


Photography by Jessica Chiles, snap.shot.clutter studio's

Cold dips with appropriate chips or breads:

Blue cheese/ bacon & green onion,
Hummus, roasted eggplant, tapenade,
Sun dried tomato pesto, Texas sweet onion
Cold shrimp or cool & spicy crab dip 

Hot dips with complimenting chips or breads:

Brie red onion, chile con queso, creamy spinach artichoke, Cuban black bean
queso loco (spicy sausage, roasted corn & green chilies),

Cold Canapes

Smoked salmon mousse on garlic toast rounds

Grilled artichoke bottom filled with spicy smoked turkey mousse
or red pepper mousse garnished with tapenade (vegetarian)

Tomato boat filled with herb cream cheese

Oriental spoons with sashimi tuna on wasabi cucumbers

Toasted focaccia coins topped with basil, tomato & mozzarella

Traditional deviled eggs or with spinach & bacon

Alsation onion tart

Hot hors d’oeuvres

Mini pork egg rolls with hot mustard & sweet & sour sauce

Corn fritters with roasted pepper dipping sauce

Ham & potato croquettes with 1000 island dip

Mini corn quiche

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts

Assorted baked stuffed mushrooms

Crab filled filo cups

Wild mushroom & leek stuffed filo cups

Derby quiche cups:
Miniature bread shell filled with ham & cheddar,
shrimp & dill or roasted pepper & feta

Scallops wrapped in bacon

Chicken satay with thai peanut sauce

Spicy shrimp & beef skewers

Mini reuben sliders

Mini gyro slider: sliced lamb with cucumber yogurt sauce

Cornbread rounds with smoked venison sausage & chipotle mustard

Coconut fried shrimp with prickly pear sweet & sour sauce

Mini beef Wellingtons

Spicy crab bites with cool curry dipping sauce

Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls with thai peanut sauce

Heavy hors d’oeuvres
Assorted bruschettas
Grilled breads topped with various items to include:
Roast beef with jalapeno mayo, smoked turkey with jack cheese
& ancho drizzle, smoked chicken with Cajun bbq glaze, tomato,
queso fresca & cilantro, eggplant & roasted pepper

Assorted finger sized wraps
Large flour tortillas rolled with various ingredients
& sliced in ½ inch slices, to include:
Chicken salad with dried cranberries & toasted pecans
Cream cheese & sun dried tomato pesto (vegetarian)
Green onion cream cheese & smoked turkey
Pimiento cheese (vegetarian)
Ham salad with pickles & swiss cheese

¼ smoked quail stuffed with jalapeno stuffing
wrapped in bacon & glazed with Cajun bbq sauce

Spicy hot wings with the traditional garnishes,
regular wings or boneless chicken strips

Specialty buffet items
2 oz. Italian seasoned axis venison meatballs in sweet pepper tomato sauce

Macaire potato patties (potato, bacon, green onions)
Topped with crème fraiche & caviar

Wild mushroom & leek strudel with wild berry thyme sauce

¼ Texas quail breast stuffed with jalapeno cornbread,
wrapped in bacon & glazed with spicy sauce

Dried apricots stuffed with jalapeno & wrapped in crisp smokey bacon

Fresh grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

Bacon wrapped shrimp kabobs

3 oz. Maryland style lump crab cakes with remoulade

2 oz. Hill country axis venison kabob with port wine glaze

Ease of service appetizers

Assorted party spiral wraps

  • Tomato provolone
  • Turkey bacon ranch
  • Club sandwich

Mini pork tamales in husk
Served with homemade salsa

Chicken quesadilla sticks
Served with homemade salsa & sour cream

Buffalo wings mild or spicy
Served with ranch dressing, carrots & celery

Baked spanakopita triangles
(spinach & feta cheese)
served with classic tzatziki sauce

Sweet things

Chocolate chipotle decadence with raspberry splash

Praline pecan cheesecake bites

Key lime tartlettes

White chocolate brownies

Triple chocolate brownies

Cheesecake brownies

Assorted holiday cookies

White chocolate bread pudding

Apple rum cake with caramel sauce

Cheesecake bite assortment may include:
Chocolate, French vanilla, raspberry swirl, praline pecan

Traditional cookie assortment to include:
Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, peanut butter

Chocolate dipped strawberries